From ocean to plate in record time

True North salmon is locally grown

The key to truly fresher, better tasting salmon is to buy locally produced salmon. Our natural North Atlantic salmon from Maine and Canada's east coast is up to a week fresher than other salmon, which may have traveled thousands of miles from countries like Norway or Scotland to arrive at your retail store.

Closer is also a more environmentally friendly choice. Being thousands of miles closer also means that True North salmon leaves a smaller carbon footprint, and that's good for all of us.

Our Atlantic salmon is harvested daily

True North salmon is fresher because we "harvest to order." This means our fish are swimming in the cold, clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean right up until the moment your grocer places an order. We also harvest, process and ship our fresh Atlantic salmon daily, ensuring a steady and fresh supply to your grocers all year long.

True North salmon's freshness advantage

True North salmon is available all year long

Unlike wild salmon, which is only available 3 or 4 months during the summer, True North farmed Atlantic salmon is always available, no matter what time of the year or season. You can plan on cooking with fresh Atlantic salmon every day of the year.

True North salmon is economical

True North farmed Atlantic salmon is roughly a third of the cost of wild salmon, and is every bit as delicious and nutritious.

Our Salmon is some of the very best in the world!

From harvesting and processing, to transportation and delivery, the True North Salmon Company is in control of the entire process. This means we can ensure consistently high quality fresh Atlantic salmon each and every time.

Local = Fresher

To reach Boston, salmon from Norway must travel 10 times farther by air than True North salmon does by truck. True North salmon arrives at your local store typically within 48 hours - that's up to a week earlier than other salmon.